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Dear Customer...Our product is designed to cook at low temperatures. After speaking with you, We believe the gas is set too high when using the cookware. If the handles are hot, the flame is going up the side and touching the handles.You need to keep flames low on Gas ranges. If you are constantly using high flames and burning your food, You need to use a stainless steel cleanser. Just wet pan, sprinkle the cleanser on the bottom of pan, add water and make into a paste. Rub in a circular motion with a paper towel. You’ll find the stain will disappear. Veggies will cook with a little added water and a low flame. Wait for whistle, then shut off flame. Do not open pan until the required time so the vapor does not escape. No pot watching needed. I suggest you watch the video we’ve provided. We will set up a customer service visit this week.

$1300 later and still paying them off.. I have heavy pots that are horrible for washing, don't even try touching the handles, you will burn yourself significantly..

something chef world claims as heat resistant, rust stains on my pots and pans, HORRIBLE smell every time I cook ANYTHING with the pots or pans, in the demo they show you can "steam" veggies with essentially only the water that is leftover from washing the veggies.. HA! I tried that and ended up with a horrible burnt smell, burnt broccoli, and a burnt pot.....TOTAL RIPOFF ..

i'm surprised they haven't been sued yet.. I'm thinking about it because I know they won't even respond back to anything I say.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chef World Cookware.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

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